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Fear-LESS Book Trailer

Fear-LESS Book Trailer

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Fear-LESS Background

Fear is not bound by age, gender, or race. As a matter of fact, it knows no boundaries. It is alive and well in many. In most cases, it spreads from victim to victim seamlessly. Fear can have a devastating effect on our mental, physical, and spiritual lives. Do you desire a life full of peace, confidence, and strength? Are fear, worry and anxiety playing a big role in your life?

Drawing from her personal experiences with fear, Laura Lee offers insightful wisdom that will give you courage and well-being. With illustrations, true stories, and redirection, she offers godly advice and techniques to gain control of your life and start living to its fullest with purpose.

Both passionate and faithful, Laura Lee offers a compelling new voice to the war against fear and the damaging effects it has on lives. Her message reaches into the heart and mind, where fear strikes, to offer a healing message of peace.

 About Laura Lee


Laura Lee lives with her husband in Pennsylvania. She enjoys painting, photography, interior design, and writing. The publication of this book is one of many to come. Having dreamed of writing since childhood, Laura Lee is officially now living her dream.

Laura Lee is the founder of Healing Whisper, an organization established to inspire healing through biblical principles. You can now follow and connect with Laura Lee  

@LauraLee.Author on Facebook and Instagram or visit her website at

Daily Devotion

Daily Devotional:

 What do we do when what we have planned for our lives does not line up with the path God is leading us down.


Sometimes, the trials of life lead us to painful situations. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed in the face of an unexpected illness, injustice, a marriage that’s breaking down, or the absence of a loved one.


Sometimes, you may wonder, “God, where are You” Sometimes we don’t acknowledge him at all.

I wish I could say, I always trusted God when my plans crumbled and fell apart. 


But, Truthfully, over time God taught me how to trust him…it wasn’t instantaneous


Making plans for your future is a good and the diligent thing to do, but the book of James warns you not to hold too tightly to those plans. Even the best laid plans can be subject to change.


In James 4:13… James criticizes people who say,

“we will go to this or that city, and spend a year there, carry on business and make money”

He questions: How can you know the future? You’re not God! 


Having a good plan, even the best plan, does not mean it’s going to happen.


Instead, James says, you should leave space for God’s changes, by saying,

“If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that”


You see … The problem isn’t in the planning.

The problem is planning as if the future lies in our hands. 

Our Wrestling in this life is this…choosing our self-reliance or Trusting God!

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